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It's been a long time coming, getting myself organized (is that ever complete?) but now I'm ready to start sharing regular updates here about my mixed media art and share parts of my nature inspired, travel inspired and vintage inspired work.

Recently I've joined the Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art in Chester, CT and it's been an incredible opportunity with some very lovely folks.  The town is ideal: a picturesque New England tourist town, filled with historic homes, charming shops and award winning restaurants.  The town center is crawling with pedestrians, the town is very active in regular if not weekly year round events and though it draws visitors, is very locally driven.  I wish I could live there myself!  But meantime, I thoroughly enjoy making weekly trips and getting a regular dose of this charming, art-centric town. 

This weekend is CT Open House Weekend, a statewide event sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Tourism and the Maple and Main Gallery is one of the stops/participating venues.  As such, they asked their artists to create Connecticut scenes for the event and I created the following four:

Goodspeed Opera House

Goodspeed Opera House, Haddam, CT - this iconic building located on the Connecticut River, is a popular venue for musicals and is said to be the starting point for many Broadway hits, including Annie.  Originally built in 1876 to show plays, it fell into disrepair after the owner's death and was later used as a militia site in WWI, a general store and even a DOT storage site.  Condemned by the site and set to be demolished, it was saved by local citizens who restored it to its former glory in the 1960s.  The background of the piece is layered in local vintage and theme specific ephemera including paybills, bank statements, photos of local Haddam scenery and letters and documents that tie the scene and history together.  24x24" mixed media on cradled wood

New London Ledge Lighthouse - JC Spock Art

New London Ledge Lighthouse, Groton, CT -  Located at the mouth of New London harbor, this lighthouse is the most recognizable in Connecticut and is unique in its style of build. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of an early lighthouse keeper which lends to its quirky history.  It is still operational today and is run by the US Coast Guard.  I layered my photo with vintage documents, papers, tickets, maps and paints. 12x16" mixed media on cradled wood

Sanseer Mill, Middletown CT Art - JC Spock

Sanseer Mill, Middletown, CT - Built in 1845 by the Sanseer Manufacturing Co., this mill was once the nation's largest manufacturer of suspenders and at it's height, employed 900 employees across 3 buildings.  It now is being used as an office building and houses a variety of businesses and medical offices. I came across this building unexpectedly and quickly turned around and shot this building from many angles, it's really a magnificent piece of architecture.  It is layered with vintage photos, local postcards, and many other pieces of vintage ephemera that lend to this piece.  Piece shown in progress, 24 x 36" mixed media on cradled wood

Middletown, CT barn - JC Spock Mixed Media art

Middletown, CT Barn - Admittedly, this barn has no known history (at least that I could find in my research), but I found it sweet and peaceful and that it good enough for me.  I make it a point to take different routes when running errands, not deferring to the same highways, and as such I've come across so many interesting sites I was previously unaware of, this one included.  It is why I always take my camera bag with me, even if I'm doing a mundane task as I just never know what I may come across.  This pieces is layered with paints and vintage ephemera including a locally addressed vintage postcard.  12x16" mixed media on cradled wood

Any pieces that don't sell at the event this weekend will be on exhibit for the gallery's summer show.  If you are interested in any of these pieces, please call the Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art at (860)-526-6065


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