J.C. Spock - Mixed Media Artist

I am a mixed media artist who is greatly inspired by nature.  I grew up in New England and spent nearly every weekend from Spring to Fall camping on the beach with my family.  My parents were (and still are) active travelers and through them I learned to give great value to the land, nature and travel.  I spent a summer traveling cross-country in my teens and my wanderlust was even more inspired.  In my late 20s I moved to Colorado and spent a great deal of time working, traveling and thoroughly loving the Southwest and Mountain regions of the U.S.  Though my formative years were spent near the beach, my adult years were firmly planted in the West.

Although I grew up wanting to be a park ranger, I was directed to a more "stable" college and career path and spent 10 years jumping from career to career never finding anything that felt right.  I finally left my corporate career at 35, starting my own business selling eco-friendly and recycled goods and spent time getting back to creative pursuits that were so natural to me as a child.  I found mixed media art and I was smitten; it was a way for me to combine my love of nature with my passion for art. 

 My work often speaks to forms in nature: abstract pieces reminiscent of horizon lines, landscape paintings and altered photographs of my travels.  I particularly love to weave together layers of the past and present to tell my stories.  I do this by infusing my new work (paintings and photography) with vintage ephemera (letters, texts, receipts, postcards, etc.) to create a modern twist on a bygone era: contemporary art with reverence for history.

I incorporate layers of different mediums – acrylic paints, washes, inks, pencils, pastels and collage (of vintage ephemera, my photography or recycled papers) into my artwork which often reveals secrets the more they are looked at.  Some of these images are pushed forward through the paint, thinly veiled – others are pulled back, sometimes buried, by the other mediums used in the piece.


My pieces often resonate with people who:

  • share a love of nature (and want a piece of nature in their home)
  • like rustic abstract decor (and prefer simple lines or horizons)
  • love to travel (and want a piece to connect with those memories)

Now in my 40s, I have moved back to New England to catch up with my family and my roots but plan to downsize considerably so that I can travel full time in the future with my husband and dogs and come full circle to my dreams.  Nomadic Artist?  National Park Artist-in-Residence?  It's a pretty exciting time in my life and I hope you will travel with me on my journey!

I'm a prolific painter so I encourage you to check back often and subscribe to my newsletter to receive a more in-depth peek into my paintings, creative process and travels.  Thanks for stopping by; I'm so glad you're here!