Abandoned, Berlin, 4" x 4"

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There's something intriguing about old abandoned buildings to me; they're hauntingly beautiful and I know they carry several lifetimes of stories.  I find myself wondering about the people who lived inside, the hopes, dreams and ultimate failures that led to the demise of the place and the overall history of the land and building.  These places are almost always ignored, sometimes reviled, but I'm trying to pay homage to these relics of the past and their architectural and historical beauty.

This is the original piece of artwork I created using mixed media techniques including acrylic paints, pens, pastels and layers of vintage documents with my photography.

• 4" x 4" in a natural wood floating frame that measures 5" x 5" x 1.5"
• art is signed, backside titled/signed with artist info
• art is sealed with a UV protective satin varnish
• wired and ready to hang but also stands on own on shelf, mantle, etc.

Room views may not be to scale and colors may vary from monitor to monitor.

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Vintage Inspired. Architecturally Inspired. Nature Inspired. Art that speaks to wide open spaces, quiet places and simpler times.