JC Spock - Mixed Media Artist

Vintage Inspired. Architecturally Inspired. Nature Inspired.


I'm JC Spock and I create art that speaks to a bygone era and simpler times. 

My art incorporates many layers of different mediums – acrylic paints, inks, pencils, pastels and vintage ephemera (old letters, tickets, receipts, postcards, ledgers, etc.) layered with my photography as the focal point of each piece.  It is a 20-30 step process and each piece can contain a dozen or more layers. This lends to a vintage feel on a modern/contemporary piece of art.

As an old soul, I'm drawn to old buildings, old documents and old music. I love to scour antique shops for vintage/antique ephemera to incorporate into my backgrounds and I love to photograph old mills, grain elevators, water towers and barns and give them new life in my artwork.

However, as much as I love old architecture, natural landscapes - particularly those of the American West - are a huge inspiration for me as well.  I love wide open spaces, quiet spaces and peaceful places.  As a former Colorado resident for 10+ years, I spent a lot of time in the mountains, as well as in the Southwest, as evidenced in my landscape work.  But prairie landscapes, ranching communities and scenes from middle America have been calling me and so I'm planning a move to the Wyoming/Nebraska border in Spring 2019. 

To get a sneak peek at current projects and see more of my everyday life as an artist, check out my Instagram account @jcspock.art.   Join the newsletter below and get first dibs on new artwork and updates on upcoming shows and events.