JC Spock - Mixed Media Artist

Vintage Inspired. Architecturally Inspired. Nature Inspired.


I'm JC Spock and I create art that speaks to a bygone era and simpler times. 

My art incorporates many layers of different mediums – acrylic paints, inks, pencils, pastels and vintage ephemera (old letters, tickets, receipts, postcards, ledgers, etc.) layered with my photography as the focal point of each piece.  It is a 20-30 step process and each piece can contain a dozen or more layers. This lends to a vintage feel on a modern/contemporary piece of art.

As an old soul, I'm drawn to old buildings, old documents and old music. I love to scour antique shops for vintage/antique ephemera to incorporate into my backgrounds and I love to photograph old mills, grain elevators, water towers and barns and give them new life in my artwork.

However, as much as I love old architecture, natural landscapes - particularly those of the American West - are a huge inspiration for me as well.  I love wide open spaces, quiet spaces and peaceful places.  Although I cover a variety of landscapes in my work, mountains speak to me the most as a former Colorado resident for 10+ years.

To get a sneak peek at current projects and see more of my everyday life as an artist, check out my Instagram account @jcspock.art.   Join the newsletter below and get first dibs on new artwork and updates on upcoming shows and events.