JC Spock - Mixed Media Artist

Vintage Inspired. Architecturally Inspired. Nature Inspired.

I'm JC Spock and I'm a mixed media artist. My art incorporates layers of different mediums – my photography, vintage ephemera (old letters, tickets, receipts, postcards, ledgers, etc.), acrylic paints, inks, pencils and pastels to create visual depth. This process lends to a vintage feel on a modern/contemporary piece of art.

Nature Inspired: like many artists, nature is my biggest source of inspiration. I love being outdoors, in quiet places and wide open spaces. As an introvert (INFJ), I need to spend a fair amount of time alone and am most grounded and fueled when in a peaceful, natural setting. Although I cover a variety of landscapes in my work, mountains speak to me the most.

Travel Inspired: although I currently live in New England, I spent most of the last 15 years living in Colorado and exploring the high country as well as the desert Southwest (as is shown in much of my work). Travel is my passion and I grew up camping and traveling across the US with my parents, who today are still world travelers in their 70s. I try to travel throughout the US as much as possible, but also make it a point to do day trips regionally nearly every week to stay inspired. My work is greatly informed by my travels and I try to cover a range of rural, mountain, southwest and coastal scenes.

Vintage Inspired: as an old soul, I'm drawn to old buildings, old documents, old music. I love to scour antique shops for vintage/antique ephemera to incorporate into my backgrounds and I love to photograph old buildings, particularly mills, barns and abandoned buildings. I am a member of the CT Trust for Historic Preservation and have a deep reverence and respect for relics of the past.

To see my work in process, get a sneak peek at current projects/events and view new pieces before they are released for sale, please check out my Instagram account @jcspock.art. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my work.