Back Dock, 5" x 7" (Framed)

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So many industrial buildings, factories and mills go unnoticed, yet there is a haunting beauty in their history, their grunginess, their abstract beauty.  The mosaic pattern of the windows, the chippy paint, the patina of the concrete. Old industrial buildings are something I've always been drawn to, finding beauty in what others see as an eyesore. 

This is the original piece of artwork I created using mixed media techniques including acrylic paints, pens, pastels and layers of vintage documents with my photography.

• artwork is 5x7 nested in a natural wood strip frame measuring approximately 6" x 8" x 1.5"
• artwork signed, backside titled/signed with artist info
• sealed with UV protective satin varnish
• wired and ready to hang

Room views may not be to scale and colors may vary from monitor to monitor.

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Rustic | Historic | Nostalgic
Art that speaks to a bygone era and simpler times.