Forgotten One, 8" x 8" (Framed)

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This sweet little farmhouse has undoubtedly seen many people, can tell many stories but yet, it appears to have been forgotten. But I noticed and this is may way to pay it respect. This original piece of artwork incorporates my photography with acrylic paints, pencils and recycled papers and ephemera to create a unique piece of vintage inspired art.

• 8x8 artwork in a natural wood floating frame that measures 9"x9"x1.5"
• art is signed, backside titled/signed with artist info
• art is sealed with a UV protective matte varnish
• wired and ready to hang; can also stand on own on shelf/mantle, desk, etc.

Room views may not be to scale and colors may vary from monitor to monitor.

Bring wide open spaces, peaceful places and simpler times into your home.

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Rustic | Historic | Nostalgic
Art that speaks to a bygone era and simpler times.